All Saints Offering

Each year we collect a missions offering for development in Africa. 20% of the money is used for mercy, (crisis, medical relief, disaster relief etc.) the remaining 80% is used for Development Project that will produce income for those countries. This income will then be used to sustain the diocese, orphanages, and schools that are steadily growing

CEC Development

The Vision: CEC Development seeks to make self sustaining Dioceses in the developing world.

Archbishop Bates All Saints Message

Missions Offering Handout


About CEC Development

CEC Development seeks to empower local leaders to provide for themselves. We hope to provide the "fishing pole" and then teach them to fish, but providing start up capital and business expertise so that they can build their own business, whose profits not only employ local people, but provide each diocese a reliable income that free them from being dependent of donors support and fund raising.

We work in Cooperation with our Bishops in Africa. Of the donations received 80% are designated for development of income producing businesses for the long term support the ministries in Africa. 20% are designated for Mercy (disaster relief, medical care, etc). These funds are given to the four General Secretaries who, along with their House of Bishop, decided how best to allocated the donations. You can see how 2012 funds were used at the bottom on the Page

Individual donors are choose how there funds can be used, each Donation Button lets you choose between Development, Mercy, ACE, or the Orphanages.

Online donation system by ClickandPledge

Click the button above to donate to the Any of the Programs or Projects.

Money Received

100% of all money given is sent to the projects and ministries, the cost of sending money and all administrative fees is paid for by CEC-NA.

As of Aug 2013, $25,364.00 has been raised.

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Money Distributed

Of the $25,364.00,360.40, $26,306.00* has been distributed to date (* some mercy funds from last year distributed this year)

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